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All things BMW, all the time.  From restorations and highly modified projects to extensive part outs and simple DIY guides. Here is where you can find my latest YouTube videos, builds I’ve completed in the past, parts for sale for your classic BMW, as well as my merch to support what I do!

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About The shop

I perform all the work seen on these cars in my at-home garage with general tools and for the most part singlehandedly. I enjoy filming my videos showing that you don’t have to be a master technician in a state-of-the-art facility to accomplish the work necessary on these classics!

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Engines, manual swaps, body panels, electronics, and more!

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E34 parts
Large Inventory 95%
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Medium Inventory 60%
E28 Parts
Medium Inventory 35%

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E36 Coupe and Sedan

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E34 525i, 535i, and more

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E28, E30, E46, and more!

Cars of the present and past

Content over the years with some of my favorite cars!

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